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Run the executable. Ensure that all racers have the same options selected on the settings page, INCLUDING the seed. Click "Generate Match" and select in your head which level you will start with. Ensure all racers are on the character selection screen of a 380-star save file, then click the level you have selected, starting the timer, when you choose your character.

Checking the level panel, enter the level as the given character. An X on a green star or stamp slot means that object must be collected before completing the level. If you die after collecting one, you do not need to collect it again. You may click the level panel again to mark it as complete once you have touched the flagpole or entered any alternate level exit.

Select your next level, rinse, and repeat. First racer to complete the desired number of levels wins.

Tags3D, Unity


ILrando_Win.zip 19 MB

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