SINCE THE JAM: I have decided to continue working with these mechanics, applying the feedback I received during the jam to create a bigger and better product! The most recent build of the project (v0.9.2), which explores mechanics up until the orange fruit, is in the downloadable files. This build features a hub world and three sub-areas that branch off into unfinished series of levels.


BUG NOTE: The main character (level designer sprite) often faces the wrong direction after a movement. This bug is purely visual, the direction the character faces has no mechanical significance.

PROGRESSION NOTE: This game has a silly ending that I don't want to block any player from experiencing. If you decide you are done playing but haven't made it through all the levels, feel free to hold "P" for 3 seconds to skip to the end of the game.

Move with "WASD". Press "SPACE" to advance text and "R" to reset stage.

A grid-based puzzler where you, the level designer, guide the player to the goal. Becoming a master level designer in a cut-throat industry is no easy feat, but players every day depend on the gentle guidance of those who craft their experiences (some more than others). Teach this clueless player to navigate the space using incentives and rewards, but be careful, if the player notices you doing so their immersion in the game world will be ruined.

Palette: Bubblegum 16

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2023.


Download 28 MB
Download 27 MB


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Very neat idea!

Thank you!